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My aim is making shame about sex a thing of the past

As a Sex Therapist, I take a no BS stance on sex. It's something many of us do, and we have sex for loads of different reasons. Sex isn't just about procreation, it's about pleasure, fun, and connection. It can be fun, natural, shameless, and expressive! Sex can be a wonderful opportunity for one or more people to take time to learn themselves and each other. Like I say to my clients, use your words!

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Seriously, some of the most awesome people come on my podcast, just to tell you about how you can make your sex life better! Learn about folks whose sexuality is much different from yours, what other’s struggle with, and learn how to cope with your own struggles around sex.

Just ask Erika

No matter the question, I’ve got an answer for you! My favorite talk show on TV was Talk Sex with Sue. Imagine Bill Nye the Science Guy, talking to you about how a dildo works, what kind of lube to use, or even some relationship advice around sex! I knew I had to be that resource for my listeners where you can get your hard questions answered in a non-judgemental way.

Product Reviews

It’s hard to choose toys, clothing, and personal products that are good. I work with reputable companies to test out good quality products at every price range.

Always Adapting

I take your feedback seriously. No really, I’m always looking to do better, provide more value to my listeners. Just drop me an email, tweet, or DM. I may not get back to everyone directly, but I do read everything. Careful with the dick pics though, they may end up in a coffee table book some day!


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“Have to say I was curious about listening to a sex therapist talk and I am so glad I downloaded this Podcast. Erika is easy on the ears and my middle aged self is learning so much. Erika is nonjudgmental and understanding be whatever the issue, she’s one of those people that you would love to have in your friend circle.”


“I’m a counselor in Georgia and recently found this podcast. This has been one of the best things I have listened to and have found myself thoroughly engaged with the content. The sound quality is great, Erika is funny yet extremely professional, and it’s clear through her words that she supports the profession that we all strive to progress…”

Garcon Means Boy

“Love how Erika goes there and isn’t afraid to talk about any subject. She’s a great interviewer, and so enjoy her episodes! YES to opening up these important conversations!”


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