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Sex Therapist, Podcaster, Teacher

Heya! I'm glad you're interested in the person behind the mic. Podcasting is a curious thing. I get to spend time each week, talking to interesting folks, and sharing that knowledge with you. But I'm also a therapist, seeing clients each week, helping them through tough times in their lives. 

Therapist, podcaster, teacher, mother, wife, daughter. There's many things to describe me and what I do. I'm a helper at heart. I live to serve others and help them through the tough times in their lives.

My mission in life is to bring sex back to a healthy place in people's lives. Our culture has spent an immense amount of time and effort over the decades, even centuries, placing shame on sexuality. Yet we're all created through an act of sex. We all go through physical changes to prepare our bodies for sex. We're attracted to each other, driven to create pleasure for one another, grow and raise children together, but we don't talk to each other about the core piece of this.

I want sex to be normal. Because it is. I want sex to be pleasurable, freeing, and free from shame.

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