Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Knowledge about sex shouldn't just be limited to what you learned during “the talk” or through uncomfortable trial & error with a partner. It's okay to want to know more about yourself and others.

It's okay to be curious!

I believe that education doesn't have to come from a formal setting, but can be driven from within using your own natural curiosity. Knowledge comes from indulging your curiosity enough to overcome the discomfort of learning something new, either about a subject, or yourself. My clients usually respond well in session because I don't just help direct them towards change, but explain why change is necessary and how the change really affects them.

I'm devoted to presenting you the best, most up to date information I can when it comes to sexuality. If you're finding that you're thirsty for knowledge around sex, then you're in the right place. Below you'll find several “lanes” of sexuality that I hope you'll find helpful. Thank you for taking the time to bolster yourself and confidence around sex!

Ready to Learn

Be curious about what matters to you most

Sex 101 "The Basics"

Even if you've been through a "Sex Ed" class sometime in your education, it's good to refresh and see what's changed.

The Biology of Sex

People are whole beings. One thing can impact another. Sexuality is no different when it comes to physical or mental health having a factor in our sex lives.

Relationship Science

Relationships are time spent between two people. They exist in an abundance of configurations from acquaintances to romantics, individuals to large groups. Learn how it all impacts sex.

Clinical Skills

Here's where you can learn how being a helper can impact you, your own sex lives, and gain skills in promoting healthy behaviors in those you serve.

Ask Erika

So if you're stuck, not sure what you're looking for, or want more information around human sexuality, just ask! Erika answers most questions on the podcast, by email, or even creating new content so that other's can benefit.