Learning Poly ft Keera Joel

Keera Joel is a bisexual, kinky, ambiamorous author and narrator. She writes about the intersectionality between sex, shame, and religion. She also shares about her polyamorous journey on social media, revealing the ups and downs so that others can see they're not alone in their struggles, difficulities, and triumphs. On top of that, she provides somatic attention therapy to those who are seeking a safe place to be seen and held. She loves yoga and is attending trauma conscious yoga teacher training to one day facilitate others in cherishing their bodies. 

What We Talked About

With a lot of people going for the monogamous relationship structure, it can be so hard to choose a different and unpopular direction such as the polyamorous relationship, especially when you were raised in a Christian family. But let’s face it, Polyamorous relationships can be a way of satisfying your different needs and desires. So, accepting your sexual orientation could be the best thing to do. But, how do you get into, or even survive the emotional rollercoasters associated with such relationships? 

In this episode, we speak to Keera Joel, a kinky author, and a narrator who has been supporting the BDSM group for some time now. She identifies herself as ambi-amorous, bisexual, and polyamorous. Keera joins us to openly talk about her love life struggles, from having fear of identifying her sexual orientation during childhood, to deciding to be more open about her love life, and how she is managing to survive in a polyamorous relationship.  

Key Highlights 

[01:29] Navigating relationships and sex life on social media 

[04:12] Self deconstruction and reconstruction to get comfortable with sexuality 

[06:01] How Keera learned about Polyamory 

[07:48] Polyamorous and Ambi-amorous: The differences and similarities 

[10:58] How COVID has changed our way of loving 

[12:09] How Keera’s current relationship work with her partners 

[14:49] Managing conflicts in a polyamorous relationship 

[18:27] Elements that helped Keera fight depression 

[20:32] Talking about mental health struggles in a polyamorous relationship 

[23:08] Some great resources about Polyamory 

[25:19] How to connect with Keera 

How to Find Keera