Pleasure to the People ft Dr Rachel Allyn

Rachel Allyn, PhD has been a licensed holistic psychologist for almost 20 years specializing in body-mind medicine, relationship therapy, and sexual health. She helps individuals and couples cope with their mood, life transitions, and relationship challenges.

As a certified yoga teacher, Dr. Allyn incorporates the body into her sessions at times and leads therapeutic workshops and retreats. She recently released a book called, The Pleasure Is All Yours: Reclaim Your Body's Bliss and Reignite Your Passion for Life. Her book is based on the same topic as her 2019 TEDx talk focusing on her method of “bodyfulness,” which integrates embodied mindfulness, self-regulation practices to cope with trauma stuck in the body, and reclaiming life's healthy pleasures and intimacy with others. Her motto is “Pleasure to the People!” When she’s not spreading this message, you can find her skiing, surfing or singing karaoke.

What We Talked About

In this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Rachel Allyn, an author, and a licensed psychologist for over 20 years, specializing in body, mind, relationships therapy, and sexual health. She also helps couples cope with their mood transitions and relationship challenges. 

She joins us to expound on the disconnection within our bodies and how to overcome it through body activities such as yoga, breathing exercises, and dynamic body movements. Besides, Allyn explains how body fullness can connect you to four essential, often overlooked, types of pleasure and helps you identify what can inspire your own pleasure. 

Tune in to learn more about the connection between your mind and body, practices to owning pleasure, and the significant impact of taking a deep rest! 

Key Highlights 

[01:25] How disconnected are we from our body? 

[03:50] Movement as a medicine 

[05:45] Shifting your mind to using movement to connect to yourself 

[10:10] What does it mean to reconnect to pleasure? 

[13:08] There are actually more than five senses! 

[16:33] Loving and appreciating your body 

[18:21] Figuring out your bodily non-negotiables 

[21:45] The benefits of focusing on the body and mind 

[23:14] When to listen to your body or mind 

[24:54] What is the importance of rest 

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