Creating a Feminist Toy Shop ft Searah Deysach

Searah Deysach is a sex educator and the owner of Early to Bed and FtM Essentials. In addition to running her retail store and websites, she lectures to community groups and colleges around the country on topics relating to masturbation, sex toys and positive sexuality. She is committed to working to create a culture where everyone has access to honest information about sexuality and all folks have access to the services they need to protect their reproductive rights.
Searah is a proud member of Chicago’s LGBTQ+ community and has been featured in numerous outlets including New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Shape, Women’s Health, Playgirl, Glamour and many, many more.

What We Talked About

Maybe, you’re just getting introduced to sex toys and wondering where you could find the right ones for your pleasure. This industry has really evolved to now providing items that are actually designed specifically for you and the way you just imagine them! And throughout all these years, our guest has moved all along with the evolution.  

In this episode, we talk to Searah Deysach, a sex educator and the owner of the Early To Bed sex toys shop which has been in business for 20 years now. She founded this shop when the industry’s landscape was very much focused on a cis-gendered heterosexual man, which made a lot of women, including her, feel left out. With a mission to create a space where people could freely walk into the store, confidently get information, and purchase sex toys, Searah decided to launch her shop which now celebrates 20 years anniversary.  

She joins us to share her journey, the evolution in the industry, and some of her favorite products she has in store for her clients. Tune in to find out more! 

Key Highlights 

[01:33] Working as a sex educator and sex toys entrepreneur 

[04:22] How different is the Early To Bed sex toy shop? 

[07:45] Creating a business around your values rather than the profits 

[08:16] Creating a feminist based business 

[10:47] Extending your identity in a sex toys business 

[14:13] Using the business to heal the past wounds 

[17:40] The evolution of sex toy products 

[21:13] The horrible naming language manufacturers still use 

[24:26] How Searah’s day-to-day business has changed over time 

[27:21] Searah’s top 3 sex toys available in her shop 

[27:59] Let’s talk about lubes  

[31:20] Style vibrators 

[34:11] Searah’s favorite sex toys brand and why 

[35:16] Debunking the myth of getting addicted to sex toys

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