Treating People Who Have Committed Sex Crimes ft. Dr. Earl Yarington

Trigger warning: This episode contains our therapeutic experiences treating those who have committed sexual crimes.

Today I spoke to Dr. Earl Yarington about what it's like to be a therapist treating sex offenders, those who have been or currently are in the prison system. Earl and I talk about what it's like to want to treat these folks so that we help to create safer communities for when they are out of prison. 

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What we talked about

I wanna frame this conversation.  This conversation with my wonderful colleague Dr. Earl Yarington is not to say we do not think those who have committed sex offenses do not need to be incarcerated.  Our perspective is coming from having worked with this population with a hope to create safer communities. Both of us finding that the systems that we worked in initially appeared to be the case but what actually happens is far different.

Earl is a writer, and almost finished with his degree in social work and sex therapy and likes to write about the sexually taboo.

  • Treating those who’ve committed sex crimes
  • What the hope in treatment is when working with offenders of sex crimes
  • What treatment actually did entail
  • Twitter’s policy around pedophilia
  • James Cantor, PhD and his perspective that desperation causes crime

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More about Earl

Earl Yarington is an associate professor of English at Prince George’s Community College and a graduate student in clinical social work at Louisiana State University. He is also obtaining sex therapy certification through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. He interned in corrections statewide for a sex offender treatment program. Earl also authored a book under pen name Justin Forest, Lolita in the Lion's Den that addresses the complexity of sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse for people coming to terms with conflicting thoughts and ultimately their own identities.

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