I wanted to do this episode for several reasons: 

  1. I think knowledge is power. Yes, very School House Rock, but I think if you know better you can do better.
  2. My own experiences have weirded me out, and my friends and family who I have talk to about this express similar sentiments.
  3. My experience with working with people around difficult sexual problems including sexual entitlements.
  4. What is sexual entitlement and how does it fit into this conversation?

Friends descriptions of their experiences.

How this actually feels vs. the intended message.

So… what's the conclusion of this? If you need help figuring out how to begin a relationship or social interactions with others, reach out for help!!!

For instance, rather than saying in a DM, “Hey beautiful”, then sending them a dick pic, you could say “Hey, I saw your profile and I saw you like ___. I like ___ too.

What is your favorite thing about ___. This type of communication will typically get you father than commening on our bodies. Just like with catcalling, it does not make us feel flattered, it makes us feel afraid. 

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