Grad School Failed Us.

This show is for my helpers, for my fellow therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, RN’s, and ARNPs.

First I want to say I am sorry.  I am sorry that you did may not have learned about sexual health during grad school.  I am sorry that as a result when your clients or patients bring up these issues it often leads to discomfort, feeling like an impostor, or numerous other feelings you were not trained to understand and tackle within yourself.

Your education missed the mark on this shit!

This is also one of the many reasons it is so important we are talking with the folks we help about sexual health. My hope is to help you assess an entire human, as a system. 

When you are helping a client with depression you are not only inquiring about the traditional “symptoms” you are getting an entire map of how this suffering shows up in your client’s lives.


Client.. Let’s just choose the name.. Deanna

Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation
(shout out to those who know who Deanna Troi is in Star Trek)

Deanna comes into your office, and tells you she has just not felt like herself for a long time, about 7 months.  She is exhausted, easily pissed, dealing with children and working full-time. 

She says, “I love my partner but he seems to be just another person who wants something from me.”

“I keep waking up, I can’t shake the list in my head, it just feels like nothing will ever change.”  She describes physical fogginess and struggling to keep thoughts in her head.

What she did not say, she and her partner haven’t had sex for 7 months.

Last night she googled reasons to get a divorce.

The depression has a bigger impact all the domains of her life and entire system functioning.

Learning to inquire about our client’s and patients sexual health is important for these reasons.

It is one of the most common complaints I get from clients that leave a therapist and come to me or my sex therapist colleagues they say, “I tried to bring up sex with my therapist and they seemed uncomfortable.”

So here's how I want to help you

My upcoming 2020 Virtual Summit, Sh!t Grad School Didn't Teach You

What you'll learn

  • Talking to your clients about the shame they feel around sex (surprise most of them do)
  • Tackle that imposter syndrome head on!
  • Learn the difference between arousal and attraction when it comes to your clients.
  • Topics around all the shit that grad school didn't prepare you for as a helper

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