Sex, Online Dating, and Vulnerability ft. Melinda DeSeta

An interview with Melinda DeSeta, a licensed mental health counselor and founder of the Insight Counseling Center in Miami, Florida. She's currently a PhD student in clinical sexology. She works primarily with young professionals and millennials. We talk a lot about desigre and online dating in this one!

What we talked about

How are young professionals and millennials feeling about desire?

Does online dating influence desire, communication, and vulnerability? 

How do we help these daters out?

What is ghosting?

More about Melinda

I’m a licensed mental health therapist who loves helping people who are working to create balance in their lives while navigating the social pressures of the Miami lifestyle. Miami hosts many successful professionals who are pushed to their limit to meet deadlines and be at the top of their game. However, as we push ourselves with a high pressure career, we may also live a life of extremes. ​ Coming from a strength based wholistic approach, I work with my clients on gaining the tools to cope and work through their current stressors. To create the best outcome for you, I collaborate with other professions in the community such as physicians, nutritionists, teachers, and other counselors to enhance the client’s treatment.

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