Dr. Ari Tuckman is back for another episode!  Erika and Ari tackle how to have tough conversations about sex with your partner or even in therapy!  Erika also introduces a new segment called Ask Erika.  Erika and Ari talk about how these conversations can bring up shame and embarrassment.  They also explore the recent story about the rapper T.I. and his crossing his daughter’s boundaries by asking about her hymen during an OBGYN appointment.  Do not miss this episode. 


Here are the questions we talk about:  

This episode is directed at therapists having these conversations with clients and to clients having these conversations within their relationships!  


Conversations about sex are hard!!  How do we start these conversations? 


In the face of fear of hard conversations… especially today in our current political climate where people essentially yell their opinions at each other how do we tackle the physiological response while having these conversations? 

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