Sex and the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Hey y'all, I'm taking a few minutes to talk about sex and the corona virus (COVID-19). Especially what it means in regards to your physical connections with others. I'll go over topics like tackling isolation, managing anxiety, potential things to try with your partner if you're concerned about touching each other, and opportunities for cleanliness.

What I talked about

Some potential things to try with your partner if you are concerned about touching each other:

Each of you masturbating at the same time, perhaps in different rooms giving each other a play by play

Using other senses to enjoy your partner, what do they sound like?  What do you see visually?

Perhaps try on some distance sex?  How long has it been since you called each other and described what you would like to do to each other.

Sex cleanliness:

If you or your partner are feeling sick it is okay to say no, and plan for sex for when you are feeling well.

Work on your masturbation game!  Take some time to yourself and slow down and understand your own pleasure so you can describe what you like when the limitations are reduced.

If you are not concerned that you or your partners are not sick, use the same suggestions the CDC is instructing:

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