Season 5 Wrap Up Y’all!

What We Talked About

Hey folks!  Today we’re going to wrap up this season and this year, 2021. 

Can you believe we’re here, the end of 2021? 

This year continued to be a shit show for so many of us. We have new variants of Covid, folks trying to figure out how to work and pay bills, student loans coming into repayment… then paused again.  It has been another year that has made it difficult to figure out how to access the erotic, or desire, or just manage our daily mental health. So, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to our listeners and our wonderful guests. This season we had: 

Teena Love telling us her story and how power and control in abusive relationships impacts our bodies and sexual selves. 

Cyndi Darnell telling us all about how our culture really is erotically hostile…shit we can confirm just with 2021’s events. 

Heather McPherson helped us understand how learning about our bodies can inform our experience of desire. 

You got to meet two of the therapists that work in my practice Jen Adair and Sohna Shook, PhD..both are incredible and can help you with what 2021 has been throwing at you and what 2022 may hold. 

Cassie Willnauer and I told you how to tell diet culture to fuck right off. 

Gigi Engle told us how to be a big sister to others out here and how having an understanding about our bodies and how to have relationship could change our lives. 

Vanessa Carlile taught us all about becoming a fiction writer and what does it mean to be a death doula. 

Holly Hartman bared her soul and told us her story about covert sexual abuse and what can transformation and healing can do for your sexual life. 

And last but far from least, De-Andrea Blaylock-Solar taught us how the Christian church could be doing better and not using shame as a tool against the body and pleasure. 

I also gave you a solo episode about how my research is going on ADHD and how it impacts women’s sexual functioning. 

I hope all of you find some rest, days off, orgasms… whether self made or with a partner.  Thank you listeners!