Season 5 Welcome

Hey folks!

Welcome to new listeners and welcome back sex talk family.  I'm sure you're wondering, What the heck have I been up to? 

What We Talked About

Returning to pre-pandemic ways? I think we can do better! We’ve been through a lot in the last (almost) two years, and it’s okay for us to make life changes because of that. 

I never thought I’d be able to actually hit the mark of getting a PhD, but here I am in the middle of that next level of education! I’m in humble awe of myself, and so very grateful to my people who supported me to get here. Shout-outs to my wonderful dissertation team, Dr. Rachel Needle, Dr. Ari Tuckman, and Dr. Nazanin Moali! 

Mental and sexual health has really been spotlighted during the pandemic as a need. So, my business is growing and thriving, and such as it is we have some new therapists to introduce to you. 

All of us have our own story and our own struggle to find out “what’s next” for us.  Well, let me at least tell you what’s next for the podcast.  This season is about vulvas!!  That's right, every episode this season is specifically going to be about vulva’s or about women’s sexuality.  Gentlemen and penis owners in general, not to worry, you will have your day too.

I’m so happy to be back with all of you! I want all of you to be kind to yourselves, take care of yourselves, and, as always, I hope you find a connection with a little piece of yourselves in these episodes we share together.