Power and Control ft. Teena Love

Media Personality, Podcast Host, Voiceover Artist, Speaker, and Facilitator Teena Love, is extremely passionate about educating singles and married couples, regardless of their sexuality, racial or ethnic backgrounds and religion on topics related to love, relationships and sex!

Her objective is to help couples who are married or singles who are anticipating a committed relationship and or marriage to fully enjoy, nurture and or be prepared to have committed relationships that are fully alive, successful, and thriving! 

What We Talked About

I have the wonderful Teena Love on my show today! Teena is a media personality and Podcast Host of “The Lovers’ Lounge“. She is extremely passionate about educating singles and couples regardless of sexuality, racial and ethnic backgrounds and or socio-economic status about topics related to love, relationships and sex! 

We’re talking about how an abusive relationship can alter your entire life.  We’re talking co-dependency, your sexual self, your mental health, and learning how to recover yourself. 

Folks, this episode is really about courage, plain and simple. That's because, in dealing with abusive situations, victims need courage, family and friends need courage, and helpers need courage. As Teena shares her own story, we have a discussion about the cycle stages of abusive relationships. I aske her questions like:

How did co-dependency impact how you understood your body and boundaries? 

How did this relationship impact how you see your own sexuality?

“Jealousy and possessiveness aren’t love “, is something Teena emphasizes to students regularly, as we can often get caught up in romanticising these things.

If you don’t learn how to recognize your own needs and to hold your own boundaries, you end up starting new relationships with the same patterns in them. It’s so common to lose your sense of self through codependency. So, learn to trust yourself and your body again after leaving. When you finally do start a new relationship, watch for consistency in the other person, be sure that they have your best interests at heart.

Support networks are so important to have. To friends and family of victims: Be patient. Don’t give up on them, be there when they finally do make the decision to leave their abusive relationship. For anyone recognizing that they are in an unsafe relationship: You are not the only one going through this. Be patient with yourself. There is help out there for you! Shelters, hotlines, therapy, all have resources and strategies to get you to safety again.

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Domestic violence hotline:  https://www.thehotline.org/  

Co-dependence anonymous: https://coda.org/