Jessica Cline, psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy and financial therapy to being willing to be on the show and understand how relationships, sex, and money are some of the biggest issues’ relationships face. 


Jessica unravels the details of the money and sex issues many of her clients’ face.  She talked openly about how sex and money are often the two topics many people have issues that begin before the people were in relationship together.  She also addressed how sex and money intersect during infidelity.   

Here are the questions we tackled: 

  • What are some of the most common issues that come up with your clients around money and sex? 
  • You were on the infidelity panel episode and something you mentioned was the feelings of betrayal due to the financial issues that arise during infidelity.  Could you expand on those issues? 

Jessica serves the following states: 

Wisconsin, Florida, Hawaii, & Georgia.  

Where to find more about Jessica  


The books Jessica suggested: 

The Millionaire Next Door 
Boggle Heads 
Financial Intimacy 
Women and Money 
The Soul of Money 
Barbara Stanning