The Biology of Sex

Our core drivers & physiological responses

Our biological imperative is to produce children. It's what drives us to have sex. But sex is more than just procreation. It's fun, pleasurable, and an expression of our creativity.  Discover what makes sex so great!

I believe that education doesn't have to come from a formal setting, but can be driven from within using your own natural curiosity. Knowledge come from indulging your curiosity enough to overcome the discomfort of learning something new, either about a subject, or yourself. My clients usually respond well in session because I don't just help direct them towards change, but explain why change is necessary and how the change really affects them.

I'm devoted to presenting you the best, most up to date information I can when it comes to sexuality. If you're finding that you're thirsty for knowledge around sex, then you're in the right place. Below you'll find several “lanes” of sexuality that I hope you'll find helpful. Thank you for taking the time to bolster yourself and confidence around sex!

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