Infidelity is one of the most common reasons people in relationship come to therapy. So, Erika decided to put together a whole panel of experts to tell you about the common themes, issues, people face while dealing with the issue of infidelity. Cheating is defined by the people experiencing it often, so this panel tackle the bigger picture of cheating and loads of other issues we see with our clients.

Questions we address:

Why do happy people cheat?

What is the definition of  infidelity?

How can a relationship tackle infidelity before it happens?

What are common themes you see in session?

What do you wish people knew before they went into a relationship?

What do you and your unique therapeutic approach bring to therapy about infidelity?

How does culture and history impact how we see our relationships?

How to find these wonderful therapists:

Shane Birkel & Couples Therapist Couch

Valerie Allen Counseling

Heather Garner

Garnering Change Psychotherapy Anxiety Trauma Couples Grief Baltimore

Jessica Cline – Cline Counseling

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