Finding Self-Worth ft Jen Adair

I graduated with my master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Marist College in 2004. My areas of professional interest include working with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, managing life transitions and stresses, grief and loss, trauma, and relationships of all kinds – I love being able to help people discover and accept who they are, be able to identify unhealthy relationship dynamics and improve their situation, find successful ways to communicate and feel more confident in their own skin and in their relationships with others.

Fun facts about Jen: In no particular order, I'm an NFL loving (go Bills!) leftie who is obsessed with her two cats, Sebby and Lennox.  The beach is my happy place, and where I go to quiet my mind and recharge my battery. I enjoy walks, movies of various genres depending on my mood, floating around in my pool, and playing with my blocks (Legos). I am a super picky eater (I HATE bacon – I know, I'm weird), but I love myself some Italian food and struggle to turn down a beet salad if it's on the menu. I'm chocolate lover. Coffee is my lifeblood.

What We Talked About

I want you all to get to know the therapists at my practice! So, today, I’m introducing the first clinician to join in working with me, Jennifer Adair.  Jen is a mental health therapist, licensed in WA state, Maine, and Florida. I hope y'all find her as charming as we do at the Center for Mental and Sexual Health.

Fun therapy fact:

The relationship between the client and their therapist is what makes therapy work, not necessarily the clinical techniques that they use. 

Jen says, her favorite clients to work with tend to need help working through some type of trauma, gender or sexuality questioning, and life transitions. Things typically boil down to the internal question of “Am I enough?”, or other fear-based thinking.  If you're ready to tackle it, Jen is ready to back you up.

“Sometimes, we enjoy reading a good horror story, we don’t want that to be our life, though.”  Jen helps her clients challenge issues that they’re struggling with and shift their perspective from one of terror to one of empowerment. 

What is Jen noticing from some of her folks as we attempt to clamber out of the isolation of the pandemic?

Sit with us to the end and hear a free bit of mental health advice from us!

How to Find Jen

Jen is not much of a social media type, so you can find more about her on our practice website or Psychology Today!