Fighting for Pleasure ft Ola Miedzynska

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CEO & Founder of S x Tech conference from Berlin, the only one conference where deep tech connects to the Internet of (sex!) things!

Ola developed extensive experience supporting deep tech startups for over 9 years to match technologies and trends related to their innovation purposes and transformation needs. Researcher in technology trends alike decentralization, AI, VR, the blockchain, and biotech in relation to the sex-tech industry. Ola is committed to changing the way tech world communities perceive sex tech by encouraging open discussions, running the events, matchmaking the founders and specialist of the industry and creating the bridge of collaboration thanks to S x Tech conference.  

What We Talked About

In this episode, Erika and guest, Ola Midzynska, talk about the punk rock journey of fighting for pleasure using technology, and about the impact of Covid on creativity, entrepreneurialism, and burnout. 

The interview starts off by asking Ola to describe her story about how her personal path of self discovery and shaping her sexual identity brought her to the point of joining her work in deep tech to the subjects of sex and activism. Hint: it started with punk rock!

Ola goes into detail about the start of her work, introduction to sexual AI, and the discovery that much of the research and development in the sex-tech niche is led by female innovators.

One of the questions Erika poses is: How does the work Ola's doing address the concerns she's heard from many listeners about the state of sex education across the world?

Towards the end of the conversation, Erika and Ola express their mutual goal of breaking down the barriers to sex education, created by systemic shame.

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