Desire and Learning ft Heather McPherson

Heather McPherson, MA, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CST is also the CEO/Founder The Sexual Health Alliance ( as well as owner of a group practice ( specializing in sexuality and relationships. She is published in Playboy Magazine as well as Playboy Online, and has been featured on CNN, Parent Harald and TeenSafe websites. Heather McPherson has lectured at prestigious Universities including University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University and Governors State University in Chicago. She is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor (LMFT-S) and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). She also is the Texas Section Leader for AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists). 

What We Talked About

I have the wonderful Heather McPherson, licensed professional counselor supervisor, licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor, AASECT and Sexual Health Alliance certified sex therapist and founder of Respark Therapy and Assoc both in Texas and Colorado, and host of Practice Outside Lines Podcast , on the show today! She is keeping herself busy, for sure! 

Heather and I are talking all about vulvas and desire discrepancies. When I was thinking about the season, I wanted to include professionals that hear patterns about vulvas on a regular basis. So, let’s get right into asking all the questions! 

What is a typical call from someone with a vulva regarding desire discrepancies? 

How do you tease apart the “why” with regards to arousal identification issues? 

How much do you think culture influences the disconnection vulva owners have with their bodies? 

What do you hear from vulva owners about their worries around menstruation and sex? 

I remember the things, the myths, I heard from my peers when I was young! Was your experience similar? 

The connection of body to experience is significant. I think, one of the greatest gifts we can give to vulva owners is to show them all kinds of normal, natural bodies and parts of a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Normalize the variety because it is beautiful. I hear you inviting clients to fill their lives with different images. 

Let’s talk about communication with partners about desire discrepancies. Having both parties talk and listen in turn, to understand, goes a long way to helping the relationship and helping each partner get what they want. 

What does a sex therapy success story look like?  Hint: it’s usually not what you expect when you start out! 

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