Cocktails with a Sex Therapist
ft. Brandon Ruckdashel

Erika sits down with Brandon Ruckdashel and talks about how we document world-changing events, touching on how much of the world's art comes from conflict. They discuss the changes over time in how sexual material is created and accessed as well as what the future of sex work may look like. 

In addition, they get into the topics of dating during the pandemic and dealing with the overall uncertainty that comes with facing a large-scale crisis.

More about Brandon

Brandon is known for his work on HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Starring in Co-ed Confidential for 2 seasons and over a dozen movies for late night TV.

In addition to film and television, Brandon has continued his stage work. In Los Angeles he played Chip in the musical The Next Big Thing and Twist in the Drama Desk Award nominated Twist. In New York he starred in George Carr's A Body Without A Head and in Alexander Pushkin's Little Tragedies.

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