In this episode, we get to talk about what it means to try the “butt stuff” or anal play or anal sex.

Foreplay, Masturbation, Penetration, Oh my!

Consider the following things:

  • Just like your genitals, learn what feels good, what works for you, and use lubricant.
  • Start slowly! Communicate with your partner!
  • I mentioned lubricants (we have no affiliation setup with these companies!): Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • The partner who is being penetrated MUST be in control! Saying STOP is OK! You have to set ground rules for this experience!

Here's some tips:

  • No need for waxing, enemas, or pre-maintenance.
  • Porn isn't real! It's a performance and not sex you would normally have with your partner!
  • Small toys are great to start with!
  • Breath!

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