ADHD and Sex

Erika Miley here, your friendly neighborhood sex therapist, podcast host of Sex Talk with Erika Miley, owner of the Center for Mental and Sexual Health, and PhD candidate!

Let's have a chat, shall we?

What We Talked About

Hey folks just you and me today! 

I am still in the midst of my PhD research and working on the IRB process.  For those who are new to the show, I am a mental and sexual health therapist, and am currently in the dissertation part of my PhD program. 

My research is about how ADHD specifically impacts the sexual functioning (or sex lives) of vulva owners.  I am not asking for any of you out there to participate… yet. Keep your eyes open for a future Bonus episode, where there will be more specifics about participating. 

That being said, based on the research I’ve been reading and the clinical work (therapy) that I do with those with ADHD, I have some reflections about regular complaints I hear from my ADHDers: 

-I struggle to orgasm. 

-I struggle to want to have sex. 

-I want more sex. 

-I get bored during sex. 

-It seems like my body is responding to the experience, then it just stops. 

-I feel too overwhelmed to have sex. 

I have suggestions for you to try. So, listen to the full episode to hear those!

There will definitely be more to come from me on ADHD and sex as I finish up my research. I cannot wait to share it with you all! 

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