5 Tips to Spookify Your Sex Life ft. Dr. Nazanin Moali

Erika and Dr. Nazanin Moali decided to do a crossover Halloween episode for you!  They talk about 5 things to spookify your sex life!  You get to hear two very nerdy sex experts spend time talking about every body's favorite thing, sex!  Do not miss this one Halloween fans!

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More about Nazanin Moali, PhD, CST

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a sex and relationship expert and has helped many individuals and couples improve their sex lives and restore and achieve deep and passionate connections with their partners. In addition to Sexology podcast, Dr. Moali launched a similar, top-rated podcast in Farsi in 2016. Dr. Moali is dedicated to educating people around the world to embrace sexuality as an essential aspect of life and eliminate the stigma associated with it.

Dr. Moali has appeared on many television shows including Channel One, Andisheh, and Gem TV. She has also been featured on many podcasts and publications.

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