5 Adult Toys to Spice Up the Bedroom (Vulvas & Penises)

I'm so often asked about my preference or recommendations around adult toys. There are many products on the market, some I consider safe to use and some that are not. These items are not in any particular order.

The basic thing to remember, is the product made from safe and high quality materials?

Language warning: I'm going to use straight forward terminology and words such as dildo, cock ring, personal massagers, and more. I don't like to mince words and I want people to be comfortable calling something what it is.

Affiliate note: I may receive some commissions from links used here. They do not cost you extra and usually include some discounts depending on my relationship with the company. These little drips of income really help me with editing the podcast, reach out for interviews, and hosting all this content.

Without further nonsense, lets get to the list of some really cool products.


One of my favorites. LELO makes some very luxurious feeling toys for a really reasonable price. This particular vibrator is made of a very comfortable material that doesn't chafe and my earlier models are still working great. The Wave has a feeling that can't be beat with a “wave” of motion that helps to really build to an amazing orgasm.

In my experience, it's best used with a high quality water based lube and cleaned with a toy cleaner.


This is very similar to the Soraya Wave. What's different is the additional work done on getting the clitoral stimulation (including G-Spot) to fit more women than ever. It's really compelling, and is a tad cheaper than the Wave. This thing is pretty great, designed using ultrasound technology to get the layout of what is comfortable to use.

As usual, use a high quality water based lube and toy cleaner to keep this thing humming along!


While I don't have first hand experience with this particular product (I lack the required genitals!), one of my team members really enjoyed this product. We aim to have our own review of this product soon!

It's a relatively new product from LELO, but has the same high quality materials and uses their SenSonic technology to aim for a very pleasurable experience.

Be sure to use a water based lubricant and toy cleaner with this.

#2 LELO Tiani 3

If you haven't guessed, I really love LELO and their products. The Tiani 3 is a wonderful couples (or individuals) toy that complements one another. Both parts have a great vibration and is really great for teasing, foreplay, and during sex. It's especially fun to let your partner have control of the dial, so to speak!

#1 Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Vibrator

This is a classic! I think just about everyone has heard of this toy. The Magic Wand originates from an old personal back massager that I think more than one curious teenager figured out how to repurpose. The wand is great for clitoral stimulation with lots of settings, and now conveniently cordless with a rechargeable battery. This thing packs a punch so start on the lowest settings to get used to it. Believe me, full bore on this wand will overload the first timer! Use a water based lube and toy cleaner to keep well maintained.

Bonus: Lovehoney Tie & Tease Kit

As a bonus item, be sure to check out this inexpensive starter kit for those looking to try a light BDSM. Tickling and soft touching is a great way to experiment with other forms of pleasure or just warming up for the main show!

2nd Bonus: LELO MONA 2

LELO offers some less expensive options and I wanted to give my feedback on one of them. The Mona 2 is a great entry level toy for the bedroom. It has several settings to control the vibration to find the right setting for you! It's a no nonsense toy that just works well.

That's it folks!

I hope you find this list helpful, let me know what you think on Instagram!

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