Susan Bratton

Intimacy Wellness Expert, joins us again today to talk about predicted sex trends of 2020! Get ready to read the tea leaves and join us on a wild ride of figuring out what's going to be hot this year!

What we talked about!

  • Penetration orgasms
  • Tanric sex
  • Genital rejuvenation sexual rejengive treatments
  • Purpose driven sex toys/promo code susan vfit
  • Funfactory-pulsator, hot octopus flacid masturbator pulse 2 duo tenuto, perinial massager
  • Gender fluidity
  • Senior sexuality
  • Personalized poly
  • Travel fucking
  • Pre-sex STD testing
  • Cannabis and etheagenic sex
  • Shadow bans and mainstream sensorship

Fun Questions!

  • When you go to another country and you want have a sexual fling what are your best pieces of advice?
  • What is the best hotel for a 3 some?

Where to find more about Susan

Susan Bratton is the CEO of Personal Life Media
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Instagram @SusanBratton

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